J.G.L. Teunissen (Jose)

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Koetsier-Montaignehuis, Mauritskade 11, 1091 GC Amsterdam
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Postbus 2180,1000 CD Amsterdam
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José Teunissen has been appointed as the educational manager of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) since March 1, 2023. Furthermore, starting May 1, 2023, she has also been appointed as professor for Fashion Design and Identity at the Amsterdam University for Applied Sciences. The special appointed professorship in Fashion Design and Identity (FD&I) is part of the Fashion Research & Technology professorship, under the leadership of Lector Troy Nachtigall.

In her role as the FD&I professor, Teunissen approaches fashion as a cultural phenomenon, concurrently exploring how fashion can become more inclusive. Additionally, Teunissen focuses her (international) research on innovation for more sustainable fashion, with digitalization playing a significant role in the field.

Teunissen has an extensive track record in the international world of fashion research. In 2002, she began as a professor of Fashion Design at ArtEZ, being one of the first professors in the Netherlands. During this period, she also led the research agenda of CLICKNL and curated various exhibitions and collections at the Centraal Museum Utrecht. Subsequently, she engaged with more museums and exhibitions, including the Modebiënnale in Arnhem, Boijmans van Beuningen, and the Museum of the Image.

In 2016, Teunissen started as the dean of the School of Design and Technology at the College of Fashion of the University of the Arts in London, where she played a crucial role in positioning and further developing fashion education and research.

Collaborating with European partner institutions and the fashion industry, she has developed new educational formats and pilots in the fields of fashion technology and sustainability.

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