Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Dr. I.A.M. Wakkee (Ingrid)

Professor Entrepreneurship

Ingrid Wakke has studied International Business Studies in Maastricht. Furthermore, she obtained her PhD in Global high tech startups from the University of Twente. For the last five years she has been an Associate Professor at the VU Amsterdam. Among other things, she is working on the development and implementation of education and research, supervision of PhD students, educational management, knowledge circulation, research, and business development. Mrs Wakkee possesses broad experience in practice-oriented qualitative and quantitative research into entrepreneurship and the role of social capital, social networks and institutional processes. In addition, she has been also involved in the development of entrepreneurship education and cooperation between science and business.
Topics of research which Mrs Wakkee undertakes include failure and restart, cooperation between business and higher education, internationalization and entrepreneurship in developing economies.

Her work has been published in international scientific journals. Moreover, she has also edited volumes in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Ingrid Wakkee collaborates with colleagues from USA and Tanzania. Moreover, she is involved in several European consortia and is a visiting professor in Belfast at the University of Ulster and the Thapar School of Management in India.