Representative Advisory Councils

Article about work at master's level receives lots of responses

31 Jan 2021 15:48

The human resources committee of the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) is pleased with the more than twenty-five responses to the previous newsletter. The CMR thanks all employees who responded.

The number of reactions to the article “Work at master level? Then you also deserve a master’s salary!” stood out significantly compared to how many responses the CMR usually receives.

Meanwhile, we have discussed your reactions internally as well as with the HR director, Cees Endhoven. Mr. Endhoven indicated that a letter from the labor unions and the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, explaining the CAO provision, will be sent to the AUAS by the end of January.

An inventory consisting of scale 10 employees who have a master’s degree is currently being made within the AUAS.

We are still awaiting a substantive response from the Executive Board to our letter.

Therefore, to be continued!