Representative Advisory Councils

Meet the Programme Committee Business Administration

31 Jan 2021 20:57

We are the Programme Committee (PC) Business Administration. At the moment we have 6 student members, from year 1 to 4, and 2 staff members from different departments. We are now busy recruiting an extra staff member. As part of the application procedure both student and staff members of the PC enter into a conversation with the applicant to ensure that the choice is widely supported.

We appoint separate tasks to portfolio holders within the PC. This means that 2 members deal with the Teaching and Examination Regulations, 2 to 3 other members with course evaluations and 2 to 3 others with the student advance funds. By working this way, and discussing the tasks in the meetings, everyone is informed of each project.

Finally, we take a critical look at the course evaluations. We look at how high the scores are on the topics and discuss these scores. Subsequently, we look together at possible solutions for improvement. It is surprising to see that the response is sometimes very different. We are open to changes and are happy to listen to experts on various topics. For example, we often have guests who describe a new project for us so that we can gain more insight into what is happening in and around the programme.

Would you like to know more about PC Business Administration? Then contact us.