Representative Advisory Councils

Is it allowed? Then you can! Meet your fellow students at AUAS

29 Mar 2021 15:28 | Representative Advisory Councils

You probably haven't been to our campus for a while. ‘Simply’ meet up each other on the campus? That should be possible in a normal way, believes Elijah Alvares, initiator of the project Mag het? Dan kan het! (It is allowed? Then you can!). Alvares: ‘As students we want to keep meeting up with each other, and we’re working hard to make this possible.’  

The initiative is being carried out by Student Info. A separate Student Info webpage will be going online in mid-April, where AUAS students can put forward ideas. Fernon Longfur is involved in the project in his capacity as a member of the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR). Longfur explains: ‘The idea is really simple. You go to the website and submit your idea. Our team will arrange a suitable room or a modest budget and then you can meet up with other students.’ Alvares: ‘For instance, having lunch with your class. But there are all kinds of possibilities.’

Longfur continues: 'As a CMR member I'm happy this initiative is starting off. We heard a lot about how heavy the corona measures burdened the students and their well-being. As representative advisory council we have the possibility to contribute to this initiative, which really invests in stimulating social interaction.'

An initiative like this comes with conditions attached, of course. Alvares: ‘It should promote social contacts between students in a small-scale way. It’s about them. And of course we apply current RIVM health guidelines.’ Longfur adds: ‘And no alcohol or drugs.’

Each faculty has a contact person who will help to facilitate the initiative.