Representative Advisory Councils

TER, as dull as dishwater?

30 Mar 2021 14:59 | Representative Advisory Councils

One of the things we, the Education & Quality Committee of the faculty council Business and Economics, go for is solid OERs.

OER? As in oersaai, the Dutch for ‘dull as dishwater’? Not at all! It’s only a much too catchy Dutch abbreviation of Onderwijs- en Examenregeling, meaning Teaching and Examination Regulations. Consider the OER as a type of contract between yourself as a student and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). You may be thinking this must be a boring, stodgy document, but if you really need that extra 0.1 point it can be of great use!

We make sure, for example, that there are no funny underhand clauses that work to the detriment of students, and that the document meets the requirements set by government. What makes the current Education & Quality Committee so unique is that at the moment it mainly comprises students. So right now we students have considerable sway!