Representative Advisory Councils

An update from HR committee FBE

29 Jun 2021 08:57 | Representative Advisory Councils

The Human Resources (HR) Committee of the FBE Representative Advisory Council represents the interests of all FBE employees. The HR Committee monitors and – where needed – responds to FBE policy and management. It can also give the FBE’s management team solicited and unsolicited advice.

The HR Committee is currently working on several issues. The first issue is Strategic Staff Development (SSD). In consultation with the HR Committee, the FBE’s management team wants to take clear steps regarding the development of its employees. A career plan will be developed for employees, providing appropriate training and specialisation to guarantee the quality of education. As far as this issue is concerned, the HR Committee will focus primarily on a clear and well-communicated training budget and on monitoring the FBE’s age-diversity policy. Following on from SSD, evaluation will become more important within the FBE. SSD will incorporate both student evaluations of the quality of teaching and teaching staff evaluations of the quality of teaching and management.

The other issue at hand is task allocation. The current task allocation dates back to 2015 and is in need of revision. Teaching staff often experience a lack of clarity and a degree of uneasiness in relation to their allocation of hours. The HR Committee’s insistence on a review of the task allocation at the FBE could possibly remove some of this ambiguity and inconvenience. The new task allocation should seek to improve and clarify the task load of teaching staff. The Committee has urged that the new task allocation take effect from the start of the new academic year.

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up teaching activities entirely, prompting the faculty to go fully digital. The faculty hopes to be fully operational on campus again in the new academic year (2021-2022). The Committee will closely monitor the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ‘new normal’ in 2021-2022, such as more blended learning etc., from an HR perspective.