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Column Elijah Alvares: proud of this year

29 Jun 2021 11:31 | Representative Advisory Councils

The academic year is coming to an end and I can look back on it with pride. Last year, I was a voice at the table of the Executive Board, among others. I offered our voice on many issues and also gave advice. And this was much needed, as the coronavirus crisis has taken its toll on our students.

For example, I discussed the results of the coronavirus surveys and tried to highlight as much as possible how difficult and sometimes even complex things have been in recent times. With some success: student welfare, diversity and inclusion will be given full priority during the next academic year.

I also started working in a project team (Is it allowed? Then you can!) with a view to making physical social encounters possible at the university of applied sciences despite the restrictions. Some members of the representative advisory bodies also participated. This meant that students could still meet up within the applicable guidelines – and they still do, as the project has been continued.

Discussions were held on diversity and inclusion. Even though this is such a big topic, we certainly paid attention to detail. It is precisely in seemingly ‘little’ things such as toilets or a registration form that unintentional exclusion mechanisms can often be found. This is what we are working on, and I hope that within the AUAS this will be regarded as an ongoing process in which we must not slacken our pace. A pilot project on gender-neutral toilets is being conducted to ensure this, in which we will start with 1 or 2 toilet blocks in each AUAS building.

The position of student assessor has its limitations. It only lasts a year and I am on my own. But lone wolves in particular can achieve a remarkable amount, as I have written before. For this reason, I have done my best to make a difference for students at the AUAS. I hope you have seen evidence of my efforts in your year at the university of applied sciences.