Representative Advisory Councils

A critical and constructive eye on finance

29 Jun 2021 09:16 | Representative Advisory Councils

Over the past year, the Finances and Regulations (F&R) Committee of the Representative Advisory Council Business and Economics has – among other things – busied itself with the 2021 budget and the use and recognition of student loan funds.

With regard to the budget, discussions between the F&R Committee and the controller took place at an early stage. In response to the 2021 faculty budget, the Committee submitted written questions to the Faculty Board. These questions focused on two topics, namely: 1. the innovation funds that the FBE will make available in 2021 for the innovations necessary to arrive at a flexible education system; 2. the newly to be established Centre of Economic Transformation, more specifically the funding of this and research funding within the FBE in general. Based on the answers provided, the F&R Committee advised the Representative Advisory Council to approve the 2021 budget and to submit a number of recommendations and requests to the dean.

With regard to the student loan funds, it is important that approval, use and recognition of student loan funds within the FBE take place in a proper manner. From contacts with the degree programme committees, the Committee has established that for some degree programmes, recognition in particular still leaves something to be desired. As part of the budget cycle for 2022, the Committee will insist that the recognition (at both the faculty and degree programme level) is sufficiently specific.

As in previous years, the Committee will aim to cast a critical yet constructive eye over the FBE’s financial position in 2022 as well.