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Please complete the survey on how to spend DAM funds

29 Jun 2021 11:08 | Representative Advisory Councils

How do you think the AUAS should spend the DAM funds, now that additional funds are available? We would really like to hear from you! Tell us what you think by completing the survey.

The Central Representative Advisory Council wants your input regarding the spending purposes of the DAM funds by completing a brief survey.

Click on the following link to access the questionnaire (Dutch):
Central Representative Advisory Council DAM funds survey

AUAS spends 1.41% of its total annual income on decentralised consultations on terms of employment. The trade unions make agreements with the Executive Board regarding expenditure in the local collective labour agreement negotiations.

A new travel expenses scheme was introduced on 1 February 2021. As the previous scheme was financed from the DAM funds, additional funding is now available for new purposes. The Executive Board believes it is vital that the representative advisory bodies should be included in the discussion of this issue. For that reason, the Executive Board has requested the input of the P&O Committee of the Central Representative Advisory Council.

In recent years, the AUAS has allocated the so-called ‘DAM funds’ to the following purposes.
- Paid parental leave. The ‘Paid parental leave’ scheme is a continuation of a previous agreement in the collective labour agreement, which was repealed at the time, but was subsequently continued by the AUAS as a decentralised employment condition.
- Employer contribution to childcare costs. The expenses for the childcare allowance have been converted into a tax premium for the employer by the government. This compulsory employer contribution is deducted from the available budget in accordance with the collective labour agreement.
- In the most recent local negotiations, the Executive Board set out that collective supplementary disability cover (IPAP) will be allocated from the DAM funds for all employees.