Representative Advisory Councils

Student assessor: students, let your voices be heard!

2 Oct 2020 16:00 | Representative Advisory Councils

My name is Elijah Alvares and as of this month I have been appointed student assessor at the AUAS. Nice, you might think now, but what use is that to me? Well, what I do is this: at every Exeuctive Board meeting I sit at the table, as a student, to give our opinion. Ours, yes. Because you can make your voice heard so that I can represent it, at the most important board table.

Let me give you an example: students often point out bottlenecks in communication within the AUAS. That's a shame because it affects that experience of students and employees at AUAS. That's why I submitted an advice to start a working group on communication, in which students from Communication/CMD and communication staff work together to exchange input. We are now working behind the scenes to set this up. It can be as quick and simple as that.

I also bring my own ideas and present them to the board. So, is there an important subject at the AUAS where you think something should be done? Send me an email and I will schedule an appointment with you. I love doing appointments on the go, so put on your walking shoes!

During the next two weeks at the AUAS there will be extra attention on another way to make your voice heard. How? By becoming a member of the AUAS student panel . The panel is an online group of students that can take part in an internal survey of the AUAS 5 to 7 times a year. With the results, the AUAS can improve its services. When corona broke out, for example, a major survey was conducted into student wellbeing. This made it possible to take into account the circumstances students had to deal with. Please note that the panel participation is in Dutch.