Representative Advisory Councils

FBE representative advisory council approves 2021 faculty budget

6 Dec 2020 17:32 | Representative Advisory Councils

The representative advisory council has the right to approve the budget of the FBE faculty. An important aspect in assessing the budget is the (financial) justification of the policy choices.

In doing so, the council looks at the consequences of these choices for students and staff within the faculty. Within the representative advisory council, the Finance and Regulations Committee is in contact with the Faculty Board about the budget. After receipt of the draft budget, a number of question-and-answer sessions have taken place since the beginning of September, in which the questions of committee members were answered verbally and in writing by the Faculty Board.

There are two important new elements in the budget for 2021: a start will be made on a center of expertise, the Center of Economic Transformation, and innovation funds will be made available in favour of a flexible education system. Attention was also paid to the use of student advance funds at faculty and program level. The Finance and Regulations Committee advised the district council to approve the budget. The council actually approved the budget by means of a roll call vote. A number of recommendations have also been issued to the Faculty Board, including on the direction, financing and governance of the research activities within the Faculty, as well as on the evaluation and justification of the spending of the innovation funds.