Representative Advisory Councils

Working at Master's level? You deserve a Master's salary!

4 Dec 2020 12:00 | Representative Advisory Councils

The Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) submitted unsolicited advice to the Executive Board on 19 November. In its letter, the CMR calls for all employees to be classified at the job level that is correct for them, effective 1 April 2020. 

CAO agreements

What is this case about? In the HBO CAO 2020 (Collective Labour Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences), employers and trade unions agreed that new employees who are hired for a position that requires a Master's degree will be graded in salary scale 11. The CMR regularly receives emails from employees about salary scale classification problems. These colleagues say that they are currently at a level that is too low which means they are underpaid when they should be entitled to a higher salary.
Within the CMR, the Personnel & Organisation Committee (P&O) is responsible for dealing with this matter. The committee has already discussed this many times with the Director of Human Resources. No further concrete action has been taken to date.

Retroactive effect

In its unsolicited advice, the CMR called for all employees to be graded at a level that does justice to their position, retroactively as of 1 April 2020. Han Boels, Chairman of the P&O Committee: “This agreement was made in the CAO dated 1 April, so it makes sense to apply any changes from that moment on. To clarify: this advice applies to all employees at the AUAS, not only lecturers”.

The Executive Board is expected to respond within a few weeks.