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2022 FBE Budget approved

1 Feb 2022 20:35 | Representative Advisory Councils

The faculty budget is an annually recurring process for the Representative Advisory Council, a process that starts just before the summer break and almost always ends in December. The budget may not seem very exciting, but behind the figures lie important policy decisions. And we want to know more about those decisions, of course!

What did we focus on?

The Council sees a number of risks in the multi-year budget: the declining student enrolment numbers, the eventual discontinuation of student loan funds and National Education Programme funding and the internal funding between clusters and minors. Several meetings have been held with the director of operations and the controller to discuss these issues. The risks will primarily have an impact after 2023, which means we will maintain an ongoing dialogue with the management regarding how to deal with this in the future.

What did we decide?

This time, the Council’s approval came in January instead of December. There were two reasons for this: the annual plan was delayed, and we needed additional clarification on the budget. In order to make a good decision, we first wanted to have all the information and then examine it carefully.

Looking back on the process that took place, we ultimately decided to present the following two requests to the management:

  1. We would like to meet with the management to discuss the risks relating to the faculty’s multi-year plan, which the Council will receive on 4 February, and the upcoming budget cycle.
  2. Before the summer break, we would like to make process agreements for drafting and submitting the annual plan and the explanatory notes to the budget.

The first steps have since been taken, and we look forward to a smooth budget process this year.

In the National Education Programme, temporary funding has been earmarked to offset the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on students.