Representative Advisory Councils

CMR approves new employee schemes

2 Feb 2022 13:37 | Representative Advisory Councils

The Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) has approved a temporary scheme for the reimbursement of expenses incurred by employees. The CMR was able to add the reimbursement of essential course-related textbooks to the scheme. The CMR must still discuss the future commuting expenses reimbursement.

These expenses include commuting expenses, an internet allowance of €37.50 net per month (regardless of the scope of the appointment) and expenses for education and training.

Further discussion

So the CMR has approved the temporary expense reimbursement scheme. The CMR and the Executive Board will also discuss a future scheme. Topics include a number of conditions relating to the commuting expenses allowance. For example, the CRM wishes to increase the reimbursement of expenses for employees who travel using their own vehicle, and add a first-class travel option to the NS Business Card for employees with a vulnerable health status who do not have their own vehicle. AUAS would then reimburse the first-class ticket expenses for this group.

The CMR would also like to give ‘healthy’ employees the option to travel in first class with the NS Business Card at their own expense. In this case AUAS would reimburse the portion of the expenses equal to a second-class ticket.