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Fernon: corona hits underprivileged students the hardest

2 Feb 2022 13:15 | Representative Advisory Councils

Fernon Longfur is the AUAS student assessor, a position supported by the Representative Advisory Council. In this column he looks forward to the coming Week of the Representative Advisory Councils, in which he plays a role too as he hosts the hearing about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on equality of opportunity.

I owe my position as student assessor to the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR). For years, this Council has been committed to having a position in which a student spends a year working alongside the Executive Board in order to present the student perspective during meetings. Though our tasks may be different, the CMR and I both have opportunities to get involved and we try to make the most of them.
I am therefore really looking forward to Representation Week, which we will be celebrating from 14 to 18 February..

To make things even better: I’ll be playing a role in it myself! On Wednesday 16 February, the CMR is organising a hearing on the impact of COVID-19 on equality of opportunity. I am the host and I’ll be leading the discussion. During the hearing, we’ll listen to each other’s experiences and then look at what else needs to happen at AUAS in order to undo the inequalities caused by the pandemic. So register now if you’re interested (all it takes is two clicks)!

It’s time to talk about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on education. An important reason is that COVID-19 has hit underprivileged students harder, both directly and indirectly. It’s no surprise either: these are the people who are less likely to have their own space at home to study. Many students also have a flexible contract, which makes them more vulnerable to the consequences of lockdowns. Just to be clear: everyone is having a hard(er) time due to the pandemic, but certainly not to the same extent. This has had an impact in education as well. We will discuss these topics during our hearing. Register now and come share your experiences and solutions!

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