Representative Advisory Councils

Extra exam opportunity for students in COVID-19 situations

2 Feb 2022 13:12 | Representative Advisory Councils

Good news for students who are unable to sit an in-person exam due to COVID-19-related situations: in period 2 of 2022, they’ll be given an additional exam opportunity. The Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) has approved the proposal.

The additional exam opportunity is meant for students in a COVID-19-related situation who are not allowed to be around other people. This includes students who have COVID-19-like symptoms or are in isolation or quarantine. These students can now request an additional exam opportunity. The regulation is intended to prevent students in a COVID-19-related situation from coming to the exam location because they are afraid of incurring a study delay if they miss the exam. By offering this additional exam opportunity, AUAS is helping to ensure a safe environment for students and staff.

In its approval letter, the CMR emphasised that students must be actively informed about this additional exam opportunity, including how to submit a request and the exact conditions under which this is possible. The Executive Board has promised to monitor this closely.
In approving this decision, the CMR also anticipates the potential workload that could arise for staff once the change takes effect. After all, lecturers may have to develop an additional exam. This can create an added burden, especially for small programmes. The programmes will then have to schedule the additional exams. At the request of the CMR, therefore, the Executive Board is making extra funds available for staff in order to compensate them for the added burden. These funds are earmarked so that they can be used for this situation.

Finally, the CMR called for a thorough evaluation of the new scheme after every block. The Executive Board has agreed to this evaluation.