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Interesting results after first analysis survey task allocation!

2 Feb 2022 09:19 | Representative Advisory Councils

Is your staff schedule realistic, and do the task standards offer you sufficient room to do your job effectively? These are just two of the questions that were posed to the faculty’s lecturers in a task allocation survey carried out between November and January.

Around half of the lecturers at the Faculty Business and Economics completed the survey, and the Representative Advisory Council is very pleased with this! The task allocation, also known as the staff schedule, is an extremely important focus area for the Council’s staff delegation. We are currently working hard to analyze the results. A number of interesting points emerged from the first analysis.

How is this going to continue?

We will discuss the results of the analysis with the Faculty Board. There is an important question we would like to answer together with the Faculty Board: which parts of the current task allocation policy from 2015 need to be changed in order to ensure clear and fair task standards for all lecturers? And how do we ensure that the agreements are properly recorded and complied with? We want to have made agreements before 1 May 2022 about the task allocation system for the 2022-2023 academic year.

We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to answer the questions. After all, with your input we can have the right conversation with those involved.

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