Representative Advisory Councils

Share your experience with hybrid education at the hearing!

2 Feb 2022 13:33 | Representative Advisory Councils

What are your thoughts on the recent period with hybrid education, which combines in-person lessons and online teaching? Can or should it be done differently? Join the conversation and share your opinion during our hearing on Wednesday 16 February from 16:00 to 17:00.

The Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) is organising The Hearings, a series of public group discussions on relevant topics within AUAS. The aim is to get inspired in order to improve AUAS. In this edition, we’ll be discussing what AUAS students and staff think of hybrid education.

The hearing will focus on students’ and staff’s experiences with hybrid education in the recent period. What exactly is hybrid education, what are your thoughts on it and what would you do differently if you were in charge? We will discuss these questions and then look at what can be done to further improve hybrid education. If you’d like to share your experiences or help think about where to go from here, please come and join us at our hearing!

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