Representative Advisory Councils

2022 Participation conference leads to insights

28 Mar 2022 09:39 | Representative Advisory Councils

The importance of participation in decision-making; this was central to the 2022 Participation Conference. Executive Board chair Jopie Nooren and programme committee member Dita van der Ham discussed this subject. Around sixty participants, from the dean to student members of the programme committee, listened attentively.

After this kick-off, the participants divided into groups to discuss the structure of participation in decision-making. The focus was on questions such as: how do you shape participation and how do you encourage staff and students to truly participate?

Fifteen discussion leaders, from inside and outside the AUAS, led the discussions and recorded the results. The examples are different: some participants wish to lower the threshold between control and participation. Others came up with the idea of also involving non-council members in decision-making. These ideas will be combined and submitted to the Executive Board within the foreseeable future.

The day ended with a question and answer session. Questions to Jopie Nooren and Dita van der Ham led to lively discussions, such as about what really needs to happen after the congress, in terms of participation. In her answer, Dita referred to what Jopie said earlier that day, namely that participation in decision-making ‘could be regarded as top-class sport. For top athletes at the AUAS, all kinds of things like scheduling and facilitation are arranged, but it also involves prestige. I think this can help participation in a very practical way, but also that this prestige could bring with it a new generation of motivated representative advisory council members.’

From AUAS Participation, we can look back on a wonderful and inspiring meeting that will further enhance the quality of participation.

The 2022 Participation Conference took place on 15 February via Microsoft Teams. The day was chaired by Jerke van der Woerdt, head of the student engagement department.