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Collective Labor Agreement - Professionalisation as a Basic Righ

23 May 2022 19:55 | Representative Advisory Councils

In your annual appraisal you will also discuss your commitment next year. Do not forget that an annual training budget is available.

Article O 1 paragraph 2 of the Collective Labor Agreement for 2021-2022 states 'The employer must annually spend at least 6% of the total annual income on professionalisation. Half of that (3%) is spent on a basic entitlement in hours.”

A reservation of these funds for this must therefore be explicitly included in your task sheet for this in consultation with your manager.

In addition, according to Article O-3, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3, with an employment contract of 0,4 FTE or more, you have 'an annual basic right of at least 40 hours to keep track of his/her competence'. In general, this is included as standard in your task sheet under training or professional development.

For more detailed information in the Collective Labor Agreement 2021-2022:

Do you have questions about this article? Please contact and , within the HR committee of our district council, transparency about the explanation and interpretation of the collective labor agreement is their joint spearhead.