Representative Advisory Councils

Your vote, our opinion!

16 May 2022 11:36 | Representative Advisory Councils

Your vote matters! Because the representative advisory councils represent you when consulting with the Executive Board. The councils voice your opinion to the Board, so they can adapt the policy stance of the AUAS. In fact, we are the eyes and ears of the AUAS.

A few examples of what we have done (and still do):
• We arranged more study spaces and exam opportunities when Covid-19 measures were still in force;
• We are identifying the consequences of hybrid education, and which requirements it has to meet.
• We commit to a more modernised travel expenses reimbursement;
• We realised that essential course-related textbooks will be reimbursed.

Therefore, cast your vote no later than 29 May . Who do you choose to represent your interests in your representative advisory council?

What do you vote for?

Every member of the AUAS community can vote for the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR). The CMR participates in AUAS-wide decision making. Some AUAS community members can also vote for their Faculty representative advisory council. These councils consult with the dean about faculty matters.

Who exactly are you voting for?

In the candidate overview you can see who you can vote for. All candidates describe who they are and what they stand for. This way you can make a well informed choice before voting. If you are going to vote, you must first log in with your AUAS ID.

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