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Column Fernon Longfur: how we strive for equity at AUAS

29 Jun 2022 12:58 | Representative Advisory Councils

My term as a student assessor is almost up. No matter how much of a cliché it might sound, the year really has flown by. A year of sitting down at the table for discussions in which decisions are made. But whatever the case may be, the perspective of students had to be taken into account and I did my best to achieve this.

And that was essential, because as I have already stated here, there is still a lot of work to do for equity at AUAS.

Good steps have been taken to arrange financial equity for vulnerable students. We also want to provide prospective students with better information in this area, by telling them more emphatically about the financial aspects of studying. It would be rather one-sided if we didn't also look at ourselves. We are therefore taking a critical look at our compensation schemes and will focus on improving visibility and accessibility for students who are eligible for them.

In addition, I have prioritized the concept 'student as a partner'. Currently, I work with input from various people within the organization on tools for students as a partner and I give presentations at faculties, Staff and Services. We also make joint agreements.

The search for my successor has already begun. Would you like to make a difference on behalf of all students? Are you looking forward to giving your opinion in discussion with policymakers and decision-makers? If so, apply for the position of student assessor and who knows, you might take over from me. The interviews will take place in September.