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Have you always wanted to share something about Sustainability?

30 Jun 2022 13:55 | Representative Advisory Councils

The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) regularly draws attention to the following 3 points: Sustainability, Diversity & inclusion and Digitisation. After all, ‘Sustainability, diversity & inclusion and digitisation can be found everywhere’ is one of the five ambitions of AUAS and is included in the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

This academic year, the members of the representative advisory council have paid attention to two of the three points. In February, the council members played the inequal opportunities game in the context of Diversity & Inclusion. On 30 May, it was the turn of Sustainability. The workshop was provided by the AUAS GreenOffice (GO). For GO, which is committed to accelerating the sustainability of the AUAS, this was the first visit to a representative advisory council.

The members were first given an explanation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and what AUAS means by sustainable development. Kate Raworth's doughnut economics was naturally essential here. Subsequently, the members got together in small groups and attempted to prioritise the 17 SDGs on the basis of importance. This led to a lively discussion. The goal of ‘Partnerships for the goals’ was regarded by many as an important prerequisite for achieving the other goals.

The members were then introduced to the sustainability dashboard, which provides insights into the extent to which sustainability is represented all throughout AUAS. A tool that is very interesting for the representative advisory council, which wants to keep a close eye on the theme. The workshop ended with writing down ideas on how the representative advisory council can contribute to its own sustainability and that of the faculty. The ideas were diverse: from inviting the dean to talk about this topic to a proposal for the faculty to grow fruit and vegetables on location, but sustainability in education is also a focus of attention. For lecturers, it is nice to experience other people's teaching methods on sustainability and to include them in their own lectures. The ideas will be further developed into concrete action points. The representative advisory council can look back on a fun and educational afternoon!

Do you have a tip for the representative advisory council that we should focus on in the coming academic year in the area of Sustainability? Share your idea before 10 September 2022 via email.
The student or employee with the best idea will win a sustainable gift!

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