Representative Advisory Councils

Student Ombuds Officer to be appointed

1 Jul 2022 12:11 | Representative Advisory Councils

At the start of this year the student body of the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) argued in favour of an Ombuds Officer for students. The CMR submitted this wish to the Executive Board via a voluntary recommendation to which the Executive Board responded positively.

Why is a Student Ombuds Officer needed?
Last year the CMR organised a hearing at which students indicated that they need a Student Ombuds Officer. Although employees already have their own Ombuds Officer, one is not yet available for students. If students have a complaint about public safety or undesirable conduct, they are able to contact the student confidential adviser who can support students, advise them and mediate on their behalf. An Ombuds Officer can go a step further and conduct his/her own independent investigation.

For which complaints can students contact the Ombuds Officer in the future?
The exact complaints for which students can contact the Student Ombuds Officer is still the subject of some discussion, but the intention is that students will be able to contact this official to lodge and discuss all manner of complaints. However, the basic principle is that students will first try to resolve the complaint with the person or part of the HvA to whom or to which the complaint relates. If they fail to resolve the issue, they will then be free to contact the Ombuds Officer.

Keep an eye on the newsletter and this website for more news about the Student Ombuds Officer.