Representative Advisory Councils

Towards a conflict-sensitive organisation

CMR and confidential advisers in discussion

1 Jul 2022 12:28 | Representative Advisory Councils

Confidential advisers are to be involved in the Connective Leadership programme. This was communicated by the AUAS confidential advisers in an interview with the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) that also touched on other topics.

Cora Verkley (confidential adviser for students), Sietske Bijman and Francis van Hekelen (confidential advisers for staff) were present.

The number of complaints increased to 64 in the 2019-20 academic year. The most recent annual reports haven't been published yet, but we do know the number of complaints increased further. However, the confidential advisers indicate that that does not necessarily mean that the actual problem has also increased in scale.

The events at AMFI (spring 2021) probably served as a trigger for people to share their story as a whistle-blower. The person concerned often finds it difficult to report undesirable conduct, especially if he or she works in the vicinity of the whistle-blower. If someone does file a complaint, more will often follow.
In addition, it is now also easier to find the confidential advisers. Partly because the focus on undesirable conduct not only increases the awareness of whistle-blowing parties but also their self-reliance, it is suspected. This also partly explains the increase in the number of reports.

Undesirable conduct during work placements

One of the CMR's questions was what actually happens to reports of undesirable conduct during work placements. You can also contact the AUAS confidential adviser for this, as well as the company providing the work placement. The AUAS confidential adviser will sometimes seek out cooperation with the colleague at the company concerned.

Conflict-sensitive organisation

Several parties within and outside the AUAS have recommended making the university of applied sciences a conflict-sensitive organisation. In such an organisation, managers know how to deal with complaints about social safety.

The AUAS confidential advisers will therefore be involved in the Connective Leadership programme. Among other things, this course focuses on social safety and the role of confidential advisers in this matter.