Representative Advisory Councils

Director of Education solution for International Business?

30 Sep 2021 20:28 | Representative Advisory Councils

Is adding an extra Management Team member to AMSIB the right solution to some of the challenges facing the International Business (AMSIB) programme? What do you need to know to answer this question? As students and employees of the business faculty, we naturally enjoy these kinds of issues.

There is an FBE representative advisory council meeting: 9 students and 9 lecturers at a big table. One chairman and one clerk. Various participants join in the discussion virtually. The management of the faculty sits at the table with the Dean of AMSIB. The agenda was accompanied by an 11-page PDF that very clearly explained the reason for the meeting, problem and desired solution. The council expressed great understanding for the workload of the three-member AMSIB management team due to international programmes and accreditations, incidents regarding educational logistics, 3,000 students and 150 lecturers. Didactic and curricular advice comes in from various different angles. International proof that the degree programme meets the requirements must be provided. Who monitors these processes within the degree programme? A university of applied sciences is a prime example of an organisation in which education is important, so a Director of Education sounds logical. Or is that what a programme director is already doing?

We take the financial approach (What will it cost? How will you finance this?) and the strategic approach (What are the alternative solutions?). We ask how the AMSIB team will be involved in this decision, about the Management/Student relationship in other programmes and whether the other programmes therefore also want a Director of Education. On a beer mat, we estimate the costs to be structurally around 100,000 euros per year; that means half a million over the next five years.

The piece we read already gave us a lot of insights. A good discussion also ensues. Our role as a representative advisory body is to approve this decision. We therefore enter into talks with the management and AMSIB to assess this business case from our business perspective. This is how we contribute to sound decision-making for our fantastic faculty. So, dear AMSIB student or colleague, did we forget to ask any important questions?