Representative Advisory Councils

Employee and student participation full steam ahead!

3 Oct 2021 20:00

After many online meetings the representative advisory council of the Faculty Business and Economics finally met again on the economics campus on 6 September. With five new members and members seeing each other for the first time in person instead of online, the start of a new employee and student participation year brought new ideas and new energy.

The members desperately need this energy to realize the goals that they have agreed upon. In the coming months, attention will be focused on task allocation and time allocation for lecturers, faculty budget, study advance funds, faculty long-term plan … and much more. In addition to the annually recurring themes, new topics will undoubtedly also be discussed. Not only in the council, but also in the monthly meetings with the dean. Now that we are on location again more often, members want to talk more with students and employees. We are thinking of organizing meetings with students and employees of the faculty as well. What do you think is important, what are you concerned about and what are best practices? We welcome your input! Read about what we did and achieved last academic year in our soon to be published annual report.

New Daily Board

The Executive Board of the representative advisory council is responsible for the day-to-day affairs of the council and meets monthly with the faculty board in preparation for the council meeting.

During the first meeting, the councilors elected a new Executive Board:

• Marianne Cambridge-Albers (Finance & Control lecturer) – chair

• Mohammed Skori (Commercial Economics student)- Vice-President

• Jasper Hartman (student International Business and Management Studies)- secretary

• Serge Gautier (Finance & Control teacher part-time)- treasurer


For questions to the representative advisory council or for more information, please contact the registrar Wendy Buisman-Bos via or speak to one of our members, whose names you can find on our website.

In the spring of 2022, elections will be held in which every student and employee can stand as a candidate for the council. We hope for a lot of interest, so that the employee and student participation in the faculty is well represented!