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Hey students, let's hear from you!

1 Oct 2021 10:35 | Representative Advisory Councils

Hi students! My name is Fernon Longfur and I will be your student assessor in the coming academic year. So, also on my behalf: welcome back to our premises! In this column, I will introduce myself and explain what you can expect from me.

I am a third-year Business Administration student and until recently was a member of the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR). My core themes are equal opportunities for all and digitisation. In the latter area, I am a professional teacher in primary education. From November 2019 to May 2021, I was also a member of the Youth Council Equal Opportunities Alliance at the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

After that, I applied for my current position as student assessor. This is a role that the CMR – which I was still a member of last year – has been fighting for. In brief, this is what I do: at every relevant meeting of the Executive Board – the AUAS management team, so to speak – I sit at the conference table to give solicited and unsolicited advice on behalf of all the students. It is very important for students to be heard, whether they number a few hundred or tens of thousands.

So I am sitting there partly on your behalf, which I consider a great honour. I also need you to make your voice heard to the highest executives of the university of applied sciences. So, are you having some kind of problem and would like it to be addressed? If so, get in touch with me and we will schedule an appointment.
This is one of the possible ways of making yourself heard.

In this context, I would also like to encourage everyone to join the AUAS student panel (please note: Dutch will be the language for the website and all research. So if you understand Dutch, please feel free to participate! ) The panel is an online group of students who participate in internal studies at the university of applied sciences 5 to 7 times a year. These include surveys and group discussions. You can choose whether to participate or not. The results will enable the AUAS to improve its own services. During the coronavirus pandemic, for example, various surveys were conducted on student wellbeing. This made it clear which circumstances students were facing. Another such survey is planned soon. In the next two weeks, you will certainly hear about this panel when you come to the AUAS. So scan the QR code when you walk past their poster or go directly to their website.

You will hear from me soon, and I hope to hear from you too!