Representative Advisory Councils

Introducing the chair of the Representative Advisory Council FBE

3 Oct 2021 20:30 | Representative Advisory Councils

The representative advisory council of the Faculty of Business and Economics welcomes Marianne Cambridge-Albers as new chairwoman! She succeeds Han Boels, who was chairman of the council for five years. We asked her a few questions.

What is your personal goal as chair of the FBE’s Representative Advisory Council?

My personal goal as the chairwoman is for colleagues to be able to say what the council has done for them this year, if you ask them.

Where can colleagues and students find you?

I can generally be found on the third floor (the odd-numbered side) in the Finance & Control department. Students can come to me with questions about Quantitative Financial Methods (KFM) and Management Accounting (MA), as well as questions relating to the Programme Committee.

What gives you wings?

When you’ve spent time with students to take them a step further, and it worked. Where you can exert an influence (in the classroom, in the workplace), try to do so as much as possible. Always keep the other person's interests in mind when doing so.

What will be your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge will be to become visible to colleagues, in the sense that they understand what the representative advisory council can do for them and that they also feel like contributing to the faculty through the council.

What is unique and special about you?

That I’m not easily fooled.

If you had to compare yourself with an animal, which animal would you be and why?

I’ve been saving elephants for years, so it would have to be an elephant. One characteristic of elephants is that they aren’t quick to forget, and I also tend to remember things that other people tell me. More than as just a kind of interest.

What question would you like us to ask you?

What added value do you bring to the representative advisory council?