Representative Advisory Councils

‘We are equals and also need to demonstrate that’

Comprehensive introduction to the new CMR and Executive Board 

1 Oct 2021 10:28 | Representative Advisory Councils

The new academic year has started and the Central Representative Advisory Council (CMR) has a new composition. Last week, the new CMR therefore spent some time getting to know the Executive Board and in particular its chair, Jopie Nooren.

The CMR and the Executive Board normally meet twice a month. At the first joint meeting of the year, which was attended by the Executive Board, a joint away day was therefore scheduled (see also below in this newsletter). Council members and Executive Board members, divided into different groups, then jointly participated in an in-depth session on which topics should be discussed at which level. They were required to solve various participation case studies together on the basis of both written and unwritten rules.

Later in the week, a more personal introduction to new student members followed at the invitation of Executive Board chair Jopie Nooren. Jopie, about the introduction: ‘It’s actually very simple: we are equals in our contact and it is important for us to demonstrate this every day. We are here to ensure that students can study successfully. The students on the central representative advisory council are important to us in terms of thinking and talking about how we can achieve this every day. The introduction is a start to filling in the details together.’

Bigger issues

It was actually more than just a getting-to-know-you meeting, says Saskia Loots, also new to the CMR. ‘Based on our personal stories about our backgrounds, we also genuinely got talking about the bigger issues in education. The binding study advice, the student loan system or student guidance, for example.’


Sam Toxopeus recently became a member of the CMR: ‘Of course, we also spoke about our ambitions. About our visibility as participants in decision-making, for example. But I have personal goals too, you know. Learning how an organisation works from the inside out, and having a say in the digital tools we use at the AUAS, such as Brightspace or Teams.’ He now also chairs the communication committee.

Kim Burger, also a student member: ‘Security interests me, in the broad sense of the word: information security, for example, but also social security. And apart from the figures on that, I also want to know how it is experienced.’