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From free legal assistance to a rental cargo bike for your move

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6 Dec 2021 12:23 | Representative Advisory Councils

Are you struggling with late timetabling? Do you also think it is unfair that you do not get a third resit if you have to miss your exam due to COVID-19? The ASVA student union can help you! With AUAS students Emma Buining (photo) (Sports Studies) and Andra Geurtz (HBO-ICT) serving on the board, our university of applied sciences has twice as many representatives this year.

In addition to acting as an advocate, the union is also a very practical organisation for students in the Amsterdam area. Students can turn to ASVA for resources such as legal assistance, rental bikes, loan equipment and training courses. Emma, this year’s chair: ‘We do lots of really cool things at ASVA that can definitely help AUAS students. Unfortunately, I've noticed that hardly anyone at AUAS knows us, and I think that’s a shame. It would be great if everyone knew where to find us if they need us.’ Andra, this year’s secretary, adds, ‘We really offer students a lot: from a cargo bike for moving all kinds of junk to free legal assistance, and from useful training courses to chill jobs.’

The louder voice of a union is what appealed to Emma most. ‘If you start shouting on your own, you won’t get very far. So I was really drawn to the idea of uniting as one voice and fighting to change things for the better.’ One of the many themes that ASVA advocates for is in-person and accessible education, even during this pandemic. ‘We also realise that studying is more than just learning: there should be a greater focus on student well-being, in terms of both social safety and mental health.’ Andra: ‘And for the students who want to move away from home, we are pushing for more, better and above all affordable rooms.’

As the student union representing all students in Amsterdam, ASVA is the top advocate to address your concerns. It has been an important voice in local and national politics and at educational institutions for over 75 years. Its activities include lobbying in the municipality, holding discussions with the RAR (Advisory Council for Travellers) and conducting independent research into the current state of education. The union also takes action: from the Maagdenhuis occupation to demonstrations on Amsterdam’s Dam Square, ASVA does whatever it takes.

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Would you like to join the ASVA student union in fighting for students’ interests? Become an active part of ASVA! There are a few open positions , but you can also get involved as a volunteer. If you do not have the time, you can become a member!

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