Open science

The diverse research projects at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences produce a wealth of knowledge in the form of research output, such as products and data. It’s vital that this information is accessible by educational institutions, researchers, the professional field and society at large.

Researchers play a key role in this. Knowledge exchange takes place in a variety of ways, for example in the professional field (congresses, seminars, workshops), through their contribution to education (guest lectures, books, curriculum development, minors) and also via academic and trade publications.

100% Open Access

The AUAS strives towards '100% Open Access' of its research output. We are implementing an open access plan that conforms to guidelines such as those of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 and the NWO/SIA policy. This is a big step in making sure that all of the research coming from the AUAS is easy to find and accessible. The aim is to disseminate publications in a speedy and efficient fashion through readers, websites, and other research media. By implementing this plan, the AUAS is in the lead in achieving the Dutch government-mandated ‘100% Open Access Goal’.

To achieve this, we have created a step-by-step plan, which is supported by the research registration system Pure and connected to publication options via the website, the HBO Kennisbank (the largest educational database for universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands), the Narcis research portal, Google Scholar, and more.

Research data management

Good research data management safeguards the integrity and impact of research, as well as its potential usage in the future.

The AUAS Research Data Management Guidelines provide the framework for responsibly handling research data. Our Library, which is shared by the AUAS and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), provides researchers with support when it comes to safely storing and disseminating research data.

Researcher support: IXA

The Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) supports AUAS students, lecturers, researchers and employees that want to share the results of their work. For example, by connecting staff with third parties, helping them start their own company based on a research-related innovation, or by sharing their knowledge and expertise − IXA can help you choose the right valorisation strategy.

AUAS colleagues are encouraged to contact IXA for the following types of support: assistance in applying for research funding, protecting your intellectual property (patents), starting your own company or venture, or if you seek to collaborate with an external organisation. The IXA team includes experts such as subsidy advisers, lawyers and business developers. They work at diverse AUAS locations and faculties.

Contact the IXA support team via 020 525 5417 and

Published by  Communication 11 March 2021