mw.  Yufen Chien (Yufen)

From National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan | studying at AUAS Faculty of Business and Economics
Yufen Chien

Hi there,

My name is Yufen, I am from Taiwan. I major in marketing and communication in my home university, and I think my career will be related to marketing in the future as well. In order to make myself become a creative person, I decided to study abroad. I want to see something different, also meet different people from all over the world, so that I can train myself to think out of the box. I think it will be helpful not only for my career, but for the mental satisfaction.

AUAS is a well-known business school, there are thousands of international students gathering here every year. Therefore, I think AUAS can offer what I need.

No matter what topic and aspect, I would love to talk to people, not just about marketing. Because I believe that everything I undergo will make me grow.