Daneica Drube (Daneica)

From James Cook University Singapore| studying at AUAS Faculty of Sports and Nutrition

I am exchange student coming from Singapore however, I grew up in South Africa and moved to Singapore to further my studies.

I am studying abroad because this opportunity was presented to my home university. Two semesters ago we had one of the students from the Applied Science faculty come and do a semester in Singapore. The initiative was then taken by my home university to take part in an exchange programme. I am very excited to participate and be the first student from my home university to do an exchange programme with a university in the Netherlands.

So far I have been in Amsterdam for a month and I’m absolutely loving the people and culture. The minor I’m currently studying is High Performance Sport Development. The minor is different in terms of what I have been studying. However, it is extremely refreshing to learn so many new things, hear and experience other people’s thoughts and opinions.

I’m very excited to be accepted into the student ambassador program as I am keen on meeting and networking with not only new students but also the staff within the university.