Fernanda Hernandez (Fernanda)

From Tecnológico de Monterrey |studying at AUAS Faculty of Business and Economics

Hello, my name is Fernanda but everybody calls me Fer. I am from Mexico City and currently, I’m studying one semester at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to continue learning about business administration, which is my bachelor and I love because it can be applied to many industries in the world. If I had to describe myself in 3 words, I would say I am very organized, friendly, and very curious for new cultures, places, people, music, art, etc.

I chose to come to this city because of its culture and way of living. I have always been triggered to know why everybody ride bikes, why people live next to canals, and its history. Having this in mind, I also wanted to study at a university that was similar to mine in Mexico, where all the courses are very practical and teamwork is one of the main ways of working; the AUAS fitted in this description perfectly, so that’s why I’m here.

Right now I am starting to study abroad, which can be challenging because adapting to a new place sometimes is not that easy, but that’s why I would like to support other students that are in the same position as me to explain ways in which their life in Amsterdam could become easier and happier.