mw.  Estella Maloney-Danvers (Estella)

From University of Worcester|studying at AUAS High Performance Sport (Minor)

I decided to study abroad to challenge myself and encourage my own personal development and self-reliance, outside of the classroom. I truly believe going on an exchange is a great way to do all of these things… and more. In my opinion, studying abroad will allow me to gain valuable life and worldly experience, helping me to see the world through a new perspective, aswell as learning to appreciate the small things in life that may often be taken for granted.

I chose AUAS because of the quality and reputation of the Sports and Nutrition faculty. The High Performance Sports (HPS) minor offered by AUAS fit perfectly for what I hoped to learn from this experience and apply to my studies back home (such as HPS Management and Talent Identification and Development). What I like most about this field is that it is forever growing. It is becoming more specialised each year and is increasing in demand and understanding. It is exciting to be a part of the journey of HPS.

Overall, the Netherlands is renound for it’s beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture, and I wanted to experience this first hand. I feel like studying here in Amsterdam is the best of both worlds!