Mamulashvili, Gela (Gela)

From International Black Sea University Georgia| studying at AUAS Faculty of Business and Economics

I am tremendously honoured to represent Georgia and International Black Sea University in the Student Ambassadors Program of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. For the nation being unfamiliar to the bulk of the society in the Netherlands, I am more than thrilled to leave behind a unique first impression on my professors and peers alike.


An individual familiar with my personal attributes would describe me as a resilient, profoundly ambitious, and visionary adolescent. The mission and vision of AUAS was perfectly aligned with my characteristics, and now I learn that the classroom culture is closely related too. Sharing the class with valedictorians, future entrepreneurs, perfect scorers on the SAT/ ACT/ Gaokao is what gives me immense motivation to succeed. What can be better than that? I'm studying the following courses at the AUAS: Advanced Leadership Development, Corporate Finance and Investment, Economics of Emerging Markets, and Economics of International Trade.

Interests & Character

My interests range from natural and applied sciences to financial economics. Of particular appeal to me is real estate entrepreneurship, astronomy, management of investment portfolios, oceanography, aircraft engineering, and computer science. On personal level, I am striving to be a versatile bookworm overachiever addicted to CHANGE, and new insights in Amsterdam make my aspirations as diversified and as fascinating as never before.

Future plans

An emerging market economy as that of Georgia is in need of graduates who can make substantial change in their home communities. Financial indicators and economic figures are not something I may compel international peers for now, but that is provisional. Amsterdam and the Student Ambassadors Program entitle me to go outside the box and meet future world leaders from every single continent. My ultimate blueprint is to utilize accumulated knowledge and networking experience, whether acquired at Ivy League institutions or middle-ranked colleges, for the prosperous and democratic future of my nation and contribute to universal education, gender equality, freedom of speech, access to healthcare, sustainable development, macroeconomic stability, and long-run top investment ranking.