Sports Leadership programme

Sports Leadership Programme celebrates inaugural graduates

Executive programme fits in perfectly with 'Lifelong Learning' at the AUAS

25 Nov 2021 15:44 | Communication

Last night fourteen participants of the Sports Leadership Programme (SLP) crowned their efforts of the last eight months in the Kohnstammhuis. They graduated! In leadership, in management, in taking responsibility, in their growth mindset. With a wealth of knowledge and insights they continue their work at their various organisations, from the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association, a law firm, Disney, Ajax, AUAS, municipalities, to their own companies.

All participants developed themselves over the past months in leadership in sport with the starting point: what can I contribute to the world of sports and beyond world? The programme offers the participants a basis for developing a holistic vision on sports and acts as an incubator for ideas and new initiatives. For example, participants researched feminine values in sports leadership, the use of sports facilities and how they currently hardly consider the social value, or the inclusion of the quality of the management of professional football organisations (BVO) in decision-making about investments in that BVO.


"SLP goes beyond sport," says programme manager Jill Eekhart: "It is about sport in society; about sustainability, about social impact through sport, it is about fair play, integrity, not only taking responsibility for yourself but also for the bigger picture. It's fantastic to see how the participants have picked up on this and taken it with them on their further path." Growth, responsibility, and legacy turned out to have landed well, as the group leaves behind a Bonsai tree with the task for subsequent generations to take good care of it in turn.


The first class of the Executive Programme at the AUAS was carried out in collaboration with the Sports Leadership Institute. The four previous SLP programmes were offered by Nyenrode Business University. The development of professionals through this programme fits seamlessly into the vision of a Lifelong Development that the AUAS considers of paramount importance. To all participants: congratulations and now it's time for the next step: leave your mark!

The 2nd SLP course will start in January 2022. Register via:

The photo shows the participants of SLP 2021: In the back, from l to r: Dilano Meirmans, Bert Kingma, Renate Roeleveld, Wijbrand Fabius, Paul Schermers. In the middle: Bastiaan Plaizier, Marco de Ruiter, Peter van Paassen, Peter-Paul Timp, Erik van Spanje. At the front: Joyce Velthuis, Martine Willemse-Rutgers, Kim Middendorp-Meister, Eva van der Zanden-van Groningen.