New business models for the entrepreneur professional

The AUAS is developing a research programme into the role of entrepreneurship in economic and societal changes in Amsterdam metropolitan area. Together with stakeholders we are finding out how entrepreneurs anticipate developments and changes in society and what new business models this results in.

Our research begins with the entrepreneur curriculum as it allows them to deal responsively with new challenges in the areas of digitisation, glocalisation and sustainability. Leading question here is how their curriculum influences their attitudes and behaviors in the face of the abovementtioned changes.

From here, two subsidiary questions emerge: How do new business models come about? And how do entrepreneurs interact with the various networks they are involved in?

From conversations with stakeholders we learn that changing their business model is a matter of course for professionals. The process depends on their personality, their expertise and on the prevalent norms in the business and the network they are active in.

This programme aims to contribute to the ambition of the AUAS as an ‘entrepreneur-minded school of applied sciences’.

  dr. I.A.M. Wakkee (Ingrid)

Professor Entrepreneurship

Tel: 0621155094
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