Ukrainians talk about information in wartime

The research group Network Cultures publishes 'Dispatches from Ukraine: Tactical Media Reflections and Responses'

28 Jul 2022 10:38

'Dispatches from Ukraine' shows the first results of the Tactical Media Room Ukraine project (TMR), an initiative of the Network Cultures research group at AUAS and Waag Futurelab. The publication compiles initiatives, critiques and essays that shed light on the way information circulates in times of war.

'Dispatches from Ukraine' is edited by Maria van der Togt and marks the first results of the Tactical Media Room Ukraine project. This temporary Amsterdam platform started at the end of February 2022, immediately after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. TMR brings together various forms of expertise in journalism, media activism, art and research and supports independent tactical media, journalists, editors and civil initiatives from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

War in the digital age

The publication provides insight into the way information circulates in times of war, but also aims to break through the Eurocentric approach. It does so by inviting Ukrainian journalists, artists and thinkers to share their observations and personal experience of living through war in the digital age. In this way, the collected reflections are grounded and situated within the context of long-term conflicts in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. While, on the one hand, perspectives on 'info-wars' and the range of pressing issues at a distance are presented, on the other hand, this publication also focuses on what is missing from outside the war zones.

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