Forensic Science

The Dutch Police Academy and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences collectively form the research group Forensic Science (lectoraat forensisch onderzoek). The aim of this research group is to develop knowledge about the forensic science process from crime scene to court and our Bachelor’s degree programme forensic science (HvA, offered in Dutch: Forensisch Onderzoek).

Forensic science is a rapidly growing branch of science. Technological developments constantly create new possibilities for the forensic process from crime scene to court, from searching, selecting and recovering traces from the crime scene to analysing and evaluating these traces for usage in the criminal justice system. The research group Forensic Science focuses on the development and the use of these new technologies in criminal investigations.

In addition, the exchange of information between all professionals involved in the investigation process like the tactical and forensic team of investigators, scientists, the Public Prosecutor’s office, and the judiciary is a continuous topic of interest within the research group. Finally, the research group works on bringing about improvements in the scientific basis underlying the field of forensic sciences.

More information (in Dutch) is available here.

Published by  Centre for Applied Research Technology 17 May 2021

Ms  prof. dr. C.J. de Poot (Christianne)

Professor of Forensic Science

Tel: 0683569533
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