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AUAS Entrepreneurship Research Lunch about quality assurance in research

Lunch, learn and discuss research and entrepreneurship. Every two weeks on Tuesdays from 12.00-13.00.


On Tuesday 25 February, Lucy Kerstens (CAREM) and Rosa Teepe (BS-O&O) will present the new AUAS Quality Assurance Research Policy during a lunch meeting.

AUAS highly valuates high quality research. Research that is relevant for the professional field and in collaboration with the professional field. As AUAS, we do not only want to fulfil the basic assurance requirements, but more so wish to offer an enriching learning and research environment for students and staff, in order to form a community where we accomplish high quality education and research in partnership.

The new AUAS Quality Assurance Policy, titled Reflecting and Learning to Collaborate on Quality describes exactly how we do this. During this lunch meeting we will take you through the policy and discuss your own role in it. We very much would like to discuss your views on the quality culture and the instruments we use to measure our quality.

During this journey, we will not only discuss national frameworks and the quality assurance cycle, but especially your own role in this process, how you secure quality in your daily duties and what can help you to uplift the quality of your own research.

This lunch meeting is intended for education, research, support and multidisciplinary teams as we ideally award the ownership of the quality of education and research to the responsibility of teams.

The lunch is arranged and brought to you by the Entrepreneurship Program . Please make sure to reserve your seat in advance so we can make sure there’s plenty for everyone.

Date: Tuesday 25 February 2020
Time: 12.00-13.00
Location: Amsterdam Venture Studios at the Wibaut building

Dr. Rosa Teepe is Policy Adviser Research at the policy department Education and Research within the Executive staff. As a experienced researcher, she advises AUAS researchers about research policy. She occupies herself with theme’s such as quality assurance, knowledge valorisation, professorship policy and PhD policy.

Lucy Kerstens, MSc, is manager of the Research Centre of the Faculty Business and Economics, and she is responsible for the quality assurance within the centre. She occupies herself with the implementation of the research quality assurance policy and the accountability of the research quality during research evaluations.

Knowledge exchange researchers AUAS

The Entrepreneurship Research Lunches are organized every two weeks on Tuesdays to stimulate and promote knowledge exchange between AUAS researchers and other AUAS employees with a strong research interest in topics linked to the role of entrepreneurship in economic and societal changes in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.

As entrepreneurship is a cross-theme for the AUAS, topics and themes for the lunches may range from research on entrepreneurship in health, entrepreneurship and technology, social entrepreneurship to fintech, edutech or legal aspects of small business management.

The lunches are organized by the AUAS Entrepreneurship Program and Professorship for Entrepreneurship with contributions of Smart City Academy and CEDIS.

Published by  Entrepreneurship 11 February 2020


Start date 25 Feb


12:00 - 13:00


Wibaut building (WBH)

Wibautstraat 3b

1091 GH Amsterdam