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Urban Governance and Social Innovation

Active and Resilient City Programme

The Active and Resilient City programme focuses on issues pertaining to the active, participative and resilient citizen.

The Netherlands is undergoing a transformation from a welfare state to a society in which the participation and self-reliance of citizens has a vital role to play. This is resulting in drastic changes to the social contrast between government, social organisations, businesses and civic initiatives. In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, these changes are strongly evident – which in turn gives rise to new social questions in connection with the active, participative and resilient citizen.


The issues dealt with in the Active and Resilient City programme have to do with strengthening neighbourhoods through networking that leads to work or promotes entrepreneurship; citizens’ and entrepreneurs’ resilience against undermining influences; and young people's prospects for the future. Through both formally and informally organised partnerships, the programme explores how residents can further strengthen social cohesion at the neighbourhood level.

9 April 2020

Mr  dr. A.J.M. Straathof (Alex)

Professor of Management of Culture Change

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Ms  dr. ir. A.M. de Zeeuw (Anna)

Community manager social economic participation

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