Urban Governance and Social Innovation

Launch of European Project to Train Urban Innovators

European Urban REgenerators Knowledge Alliance (EUREKA)

7 Jul 2021 15:37 | Urban Governance

Large cities face multifaceted issues and complex challenges with regard to quality of life, sustainability, inclusion, accessibility and security. This requires a specific type of professional: an urban manager who is strong in social innovation. The European Urban REgenerators Knowledge Alliance (EUREKA) has therefore been launched to enhance and internationalise European study programmes. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) is one of the participating partners.

EUREKA is a three-year project in which four countries – Spain, Romania, Italy and the Netherlands – will work together through eleven knowledge institutions and government and non-profit organisations. The aim of the project is to identify the skills required by the urban manager and to develop a curriculum that is geared to the employment market throughout Europe. This will be achieved through an exchange of knowledge and experience between international knowledge, cultural and policy institutions, lecturers, students, researchers and urban professionals. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will look specifically at how the curriculum of the Master’s degree programme in Urban Management (offered in Dutch) can be enhanced.

Els Beukers, programme manager of the Master’s degree programme in Urban Management: “This project is a unique opportunity to work with partners in other European countries to explore what qualities today’s urban manager needs. We can then use that knowledge to improve our curriculum. At the same time, the collaboration with Spain, Romania and Italy provides opportunities for student exchanges and the internationalisation of our Master’s degree programme.