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European Urban REgenerators Knowledge Alliance (EUREKA)

Master’s degree programme for urban professionals


Large cities face multifaceted issues and complex challenges with regard to quality of life, sustainability, inclusion, accessibility and security. This requires a specific type of professional: an urban manager with a strong socially innovative agenda. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has been offering the Master’s degree programme in Urban Management for several years (in Dutch). The EUREKA Project will be used to further enhance the curriculum and increase opportunities for internationalisation.

A new urban reality

The European Urban Regenerators Knowledge Alliance (EUREKA) is a three-year project designed to create an international profile and curriculum for training urban professionals to become urban managers. This will be achieved through an exchange of knowledge and experience between international knowledge, cultural and policy institutions, lecturers, students, researchers and urban professionals.

The project involves identification of the skills required by the urban manager and the development of a curriculum that is geared to the employment market throughout Europe. The project is being supported by a consortium of knowledge institutions and government and non-profit organisations as well as a European network of cultural centres. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), and the Master’s degree programme in Urban Management in particular, are participating partners.

The approach - 2021-2023

Together we want to work on educational innovation and internationalisation with regard to urban management and dealing with complex urban issues. To this end, the following actions will be taken:

  • research will be conducted on the needs of businesses, governments, civil society organisations and local initiatives, in order to arrive at a shared definition of urban managers’ skills;
  • a curriculum will be designed, with the involvement of four major European knowledge institutions, businesses, public and non-profit organisations, lecturers, students and alumni;
  • a pilot will be run as part of the current curriculum of the Master’s degree programme Urban Management in order to test the training programme in the four participating countries: Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Romania;
  • 3 international exchanges will be organised for students and businesses;
  • 4 living labs will be created throughout Europe, where students can study and work on real-life issues.

The partners

Iuav University of Venice
Melting Pro Learning
LAMA - Development and Cooperation Agency
The University of Deusto (UD)
Espacio Open
Trans Europe Halles
Municipality of Timişoara
West University of Timişoara
Casa PLAI Association
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Master’s degree programme in Urban Management
P60 (music venue in Amstelveen)

The EUREKA project is co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.

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Published by  Urban Governance 11 February 2022

Project Info

Start date 04 Jan 2021
End date 31 Dec 2023


Els Beukers
Karin de Nijs
Sharona Ceha