Centre of Expertise Urban Vitality


AUAS Urban Vitality is a programme by and for the city, and therefore works closely with the City of Amsterdam as well as institutions and businesses which are actively involved in urban vitality initiatives. This collaboration allows partners to benefit from students’ and researchers’ fresh perspectives and knowledge. At the same time, AUAS also has the opportunity to gain insight in practice.


City of Amsterdam In 2018, Urban Vitality and the City of Amsterdam signed a partnership agreement to pursue a healthy and vital city together, with a special focus on vulnerable groups. In concrete terms, this involves tackling challenges relating to exercise, nutrition, health, and professional and recreational sports.

Amsterdam UMC and UvA

Urban Vitality has had a partnership agreement with the Amsterdam UMC (AMC and VUmc locations) and the University of Amsterdam since 2016. One result of this partnership is the ‘Inter-professional collaboration’ curriculum, in which students from the Physiotherapy, Occupational & Exercise Therapy and Nursing programmes at AUAS work together with medical students from the UvA. The agreement has also led to the creation of the Polifysiek outpatient clinic, where students and researchers from AUAS assist patients of the Amsterdam UMC with their rehabilitation.


Urban Vitality is a partner of the AISS (Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science), an international authority in the area of applied research into performance improvement, exercise and health. Through this partnership, Urban Vitality is involved in efforts to establish a large research institute in that field: the Amsterdam Performance and Health Center. We collaborate with various large partners within Europe and sometimes beyond to acquire more international subsidies and corporate sponsorships, among other things.


  • City of Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam Healthy Weight Initiative (AAGG, GavoorGezond020)
  • Primary schools (52) and secondary schools (32) in the city and region of Amsterdam
  • Jeugd & Zorg and RVE Sport & Bos
  • Amsterdam municipal health service (GGD)
  • JGZ special youth care in various districts
  • JumpIn and Lekker Fit school programmes
  • Statistics Netherlands
  • Amsterdam Economic Board
  • GezondheidFabriek

  • Amsterdam - UMC (AMC and VUmc)
  • EMGO institute
  • Duke University (USA)
  • Erasmus MC
  • Inholland University of Applied Sciences (particularly the professorship in the Power of Sports)
  • University of Applied Sciences Leiden (particularly the professorship in Inclusive Education)
  • Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
  • TNO
  • VU Amsterdam (Movement Sciences, Behavioural Sciences)
  • University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR)

  • Amsterdam Gym Teachers’ Association (AGOV)
  • Royal Netherlands Association for Physical Education Teachers (KVLO)
  • Netherlands Association of Dieticians (NVD)
  • Netherlands Association for Paediatric Physiotherapy
  • Royal Netherlands Association for Physiotherapy
  • Sport Service North Holland
  • Stichting Openbaar Onderwijs aan de Amstel (foundation for public education)
  • Stichting Westelijke Tuinsteden (foundation for public education)
  • Netherlands Association of Sports Medicine (VSG)
  • Netherlands Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Network Amsterdam
  • Clientenbelang Amsterdam (health advocacy group)
  • Cesar and Mensendieck Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Elaa
  • Amsterdam Health Centres Foundation
  • Steering Group for Malnutrition
  • Cooperative Associated Dieticians Group Amsterdam U.A.
  • Transmural Consultation of Amsterdam Dieticians
  • Stichting Wijkadvies

  • Ben Sajet Centre
  • Sarphati Amsterdam - Research for Healthy Living
  • Amsterdam Health and Technology Centre (AHTI)
  • Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science (AISS)
  • Amsterdam Centre for Adapted Sports
  • Public-private partnerships
  • I3B for Brain, Body and Behavior
  • JOGG
  • Waag Society - Institute for art, science and technology

  • Amsta
  • Cordaan
  • SWOA (Markant)
  • GGZinGeest
  • Local organisations supporting More Exercise for the Elderly (Meer Bewegen voor Ouderen, MBVO), such as Coherente, VITA Amstelland and others
  • Vivium
  • De Zorgcirkel
  • Omring
  • Reade
  • Businesses

  • Vialente–Diëtheek
  • Zilveren Kruis
  • VeiligheidNL

Published by  Urban Vitality 2 May 2019