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Do you want to participate to the vitality of the Amsterdam community? For example with a research question regarding health or endurance, to contribute a business case or share a new, successful approach?

  • Dr Meurer building (DMH)

    Dr. Meurerlaan 8 | 1067 SM Amsterdam
    +31 (0)20 595 3400

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  • Nicolaes Tulp building (NTH)

    Tafelbergweg 51 | 1105 BD Amsterdam
    020 595 4111

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Prof. Wilma Scholte op Reimer Decaan Faculty Health and the Faculty Nutrition and Sports; Extraordinary Professor Complex Care
Prof. Raoul Engelbert Lector primus inter pares Faculty Health
Prof. dr. Peter Weijs Lector primus inter pares Faculty Nutrition and Sports
Drs. Marieke Janssen Programmemanager SPRONG
Drs. Eric de Leede

Business management

Marjon Kluiters Communication
Lisette Wegener Press and media

Niermela Chote-Sobha Secretariat Post-HBO Ergotherapie
Drs. Romalita Petersen Post-HBO Ergotherapie
Annemarie Hulst-Waal Post-HBO Oefentherapie
Anna Hoogenkamp Post-HBO Verpleegkunde
Suzanne van der Plas

Nascholing Voeding en Diƫtetiek

If you are a journalist or press officer and you have a question, please contact editor Lisette Wegener: l.v.wegener@hva.nl / 06-211 582 25.

Published by  Urban Vitality 2 May 2019