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  M. van der Esch (Martin) PhD

Professor of Interdisciplinary Care for Chronic Joint Disorders
Work address:
Nicolaes Tulphuis, Tafelbergweg 51, 1105 BD Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 2120,1000 CC Amsterdam
Personal website:
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Martin van der Esch is a research physiotherapist, manual therapist, epidemiologist and teacher. His current position at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) is senior lecturer and researcher.

Martins research focuses on conservative non-drug management of musculoskeletal conditions including osteoarthritis (OA) with an emphasis on the role of knee instability in both the onset and progression of OA and associated activity limitations.

Scientifically, he is experienced in conducting epidemiological and biomechanical studies in patients with knee- and/or hip OA in Reade, Centre of Rehabilitation and Rheumatology in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in collaboration with the VU University Medical Centre, Department of Rehabilitation in Amsterdam.

Since 2008, he coordinates a multidisciplinary diagnostic team including people from rheumatology, rehabilitation, radiology, physiotherapy and movement sciences of the Amsterdam OA Cohort study, a large project aiming to improve the care of knee- and/or hip OA patients (project leaders prof. dr. J. Dekker and Dr. L.D. Roorda) in Reade and Amsterdam.

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