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Grant for new health care programme to benefit elderly migrants

10 Jul 2017 17:12 | Urban Vitality

The Weight Management research group will receive a grant for the development of an exercise and nutrition programme (ProMIO) aimed at elderly migrants. The number of elderly migrants is increasing. They tend to be less healthy than native Dutch elderly people and are more likely to suffer from chronic illnesses like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

One of the most important underlying causes for relatively poor health among elderly migrants is the loss of muscle mass and physical functioning. Many elderly migrants do not get enough exercise and do not consume enough proteins. Physical therapy and dietetics practices require new knowledge and insights on how to effectively treat this particular demographic.


Researchers and students of the Nutrition and Dietetics and Physical Therapy programmes will be identifying the needs of elderly migrants and the people treating them. Furthermore, they will be mapping out body compositions and exercise and nutrition patterns for various populations of elderly migrants.


The aim of the ProMIO programme is to set up an exercise and nutrition programme that will improve the muscle development and physical functioning of elderly migrants. The research group will use any new insights from the study as part of the curriculum for the Nutrition and Dietetics and Physical Therapy programmes. For instance, the new information may be useful for courses that focus on the elderly, communication or multidisciplinary cooperation.


As part of ProMIO, AUAS is working together with the Municipal Health Service (GGD), Zilveren Kruis Achmea, the Dutch Association of Dietitians (NvD), the Royal Dutch Association for Physiotherapy (KNGF), the Amsterdam Institute of Sport Science (AISS) and various associations for elderly people. AMC, VUmc and Wageningen University and Research serve as knowledge partners for the project.